When I was a little kid, I loved to make kites out of bamboo and paper. Every kite had to be done just right, allowing it to fly high and sturdy. I enjoyed every moment, watching my kites fly far away in the sky. I spent most of my time and money buying material, and making kites. As I grew up, kites started to fade away as I started to do other things.

I came to Canada in 1979. In the summer of 1985, I met an older gentleman in a park who was flying a delta kite. At that time, I didn’t even know that kites were made out of material like nylon and fiberglass because I had only known kites that were made out of bamboo and paper. Not too long after that, I found a kite store in downtown Toronto which was called Touch the Sky. I began to buy material and learn how to sew kites. In the beginning, I made simple designs such as delta kites and box kites, to increase my experience in kite making.

I later discovered a group of people who flew every weekend at Humber Bay Park west of Toronto. In late 1986, I switched over to flying dual line kites, Learning and start to make and design my own kite.

In 1987, I designed my first stunt kite, called the Lamborghini. This was a two headed dual line stunt kite. Each time I designed a kite I tried to create something special, making it look different from any other kite. Every year, I designed a different kite. My successful designs were the Heartbeat (1989), Swallowtail (1992), Dream Kite (1993), Dream Kite (1996) Master Control (1998). 

In 1988, I competed in my first competition at the AKA in Chicago. Since then, I have made more and more kites, competed in many competitions, and gained valuable experience. I watched and learned from many master kite fliers, kite makers, kite designers and music mixers. My willingness to listen and learn gave me a solid foundation, Rewarded me with great success in kite flyer, designer and kite maker.

Since there are so many great kite makers out there, I have begun making single line kites sewn with intricate and detailed graphics. This new field has made my kiting career more interesting and  has tested my limits. That is what makes life exciting in kitting.