New Creation By Sky Sport Design. Master Mind Sport Kite.
Great felling in flight, solid precision, Trick and free style. The love to do Cynique, Wap Do Wap, Two pop Yo Yo, Slid, Taz and More...
For imformation please contact : or Face Time. Thank you.
Kite available in STD, UL, and SUL, Vented coming in the near future.

$ 469 USD 
SUL, UL, and STD  Your choice for colors  of the kite.

Wind Range :

Sul from : 2 to 10 + Mph
UL  from : 4 to 15 + Mph
STD  from : 5 to 20 + Mph

Line : 50 LB @ 75' to 120' for light wind
Line : 90 LB @ 100' to 120' Medium to strong wind

Master Mind UL

Beautiful kite to fly from 3 mph to 15 mph. great precision and trick free style sport kite

New Tsunami 2023 Sport Kite.
Easy going fly kite, feeling good in flight. Not too much pull. Quick Yo Yo , Taz and many other trick combo that the kite can do, Great Precision flying kite also. 

Available : SUL, UL, STD

Price $ 469 USD

SSUL  Price : $ 480 USD

Tsunami Vented : Fly very well in high wind and trick. Light pull. feeling good in flight  Tsunami Vented  fly from 5 Mph to 25 + Mph. 

Price : $ 535 USD

New NO FEAR Sport Kite 2023

New No Fear Sport Kite is a great to fly in almost any wind. Light pull , easy for tricking and Precision. Small input You can use 50 LB line @ 85' to 100' or 90 LB Line for higher wind range.

Price :  $ 425

New NO FEAR Sport Kite 2023

Magic Wing Vented 2022 : Great flying kite in Bumpy wind, smooth flight, precision and tricking free style all around kite. 

UL or STD Vented : $ 550 USD 

Wind Range : 5 to 25 + MPH
Line 90 LB @ 100' to 125' 

New Sky Devil 2021 Sport Kite is Here.
Sky Devil Sport Kite

New Sky Devil Sport Kite for 2021 ready to have fun. Easy to control, Less pull, small input, Trick, Ballet and Precision all around kite. Feel good in flight. Taz, Cynique and many trick that you can do and have fun. If you have any question please feel free to ask me anytime. Always here to help you and making sure you get what you want for the joy of fun. Thank you for your support. I do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day !

Price for Sky Devil Sport Kite :

SUL : $ 469

Wind Range from 2 MPH to 10 MPH Use 50LB Line at 65' 80' to 100′

Light : $ 469

Wind Range from 5 MPH to 18 MPH Use 90 LB Line at 80' 100′ to 120′

STD : $ 469

Wind Range from 6 MPH to 25 MPH Use 90 LB at 80' 120′ to 125'

Vented Custom from $ 550 to $ 625 

Available : SUL, UL, STD and Custom Vented. Any Colors you like ,  Please contact me for detail @

Thank you !

Sky Devil Super Vented Custom Colors

Sky Devil Super Vented Custome colors.  Beautiful look kite and great flying kite Ballet Trick Free Style & Precision
Price : $ 625 USD

New No Fear Sport Kite give the most fun in action. Either Light to Strong Wind with out any worry. Kite can do many trick and precision free style. Please Watch Video.

Price $ 385 US

Lam Hoac From Canada

The first sport kite in history to win the Grand Champion award in comprehensive kite making competition at the AKA Grand Nationals Dayton Ohio 2003. A life time memories for me. Thank you Everyone for your support.