Transformer TL

My newest kite!

This kite build for speed of Joy in action. Like a sport car on the track. Beautiful precision, tricking is out of this world. very little pull and small input. Great kite to fly for anyone, from small kids to big guys 🙂 seen I had designed this kite, I haven’t stopped having fun with the Transformer TL. Give it a try and you know the difference, it feels just right.

If you are interested in one of these kites, please reach me either by phone or by email


• Colored trim around applique
• Competition nose – streamlined
• Leading edge covered
• YoYo stoppers
• Weights included for tricks
• Leech line


• 86 inches wingspan
• 33.5 inches height

SUL (Icarex*) – $385


Light (Icarex*) – $369

Standard (Icarex*) – $369

Vented (Icarex*) – $450

* Icarex PC31 .60 Oz. Polyester fabric.


Transformer Super Ultra Light, flown by James Murphy in Oregon

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