Sea Devil

One of my earlier entries into the sport kite market, the Sea Devil was designed with a deeper sail for more stability and precision while still being one of the best trick kites available today.

This “master of the sea” was built to complement Lam’s previous models in preparation for his entry into the 2005 Freestyle Cup in France.

If you are interested in one of these kites, please reach me either by phone or by email

The Sea Devil, as flown by Lam Hoac


• Colored trim around applique
• Competition nose
• Leading edge covered
• YoYo stoppers
• Weights included for tricks


• 90 1/2″ wingspan
• 36″ height

Deluxe SUL (Icarex*) – $445

• 7 Oz/199 grams, Wind Range: 0-5 mph

Deluxe Light (Icarex*) – $425

• 10.8 Oz/310 grams, Wind Range: 3-15 mph

Deluxe Standard (Icarex*) – $425

• 11.3 Oz/323 grams, Wind Range: 5-25 mph

* Icarex PC31 .60 Oz. Polyester fabric.

Sea Devil

The Sea Devil, this time with John Barresi flying

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