I – T – M “Incredible Trick Machine” Sport Kite

Another awesome kite is here  The  I – T – M ” Incredible Trick Machine ” two Line Sport Kite. Tested in many flight and different wind range 🙂 Trusted and believe with the  I – T – M that give you many smile in flight. Thank you. 

After all the sport kites that I had designed and now I came up with the I – T – M, This kite give the most fun in low wind and strong, light pull very good in precision and preside tricks, super easy on the Comete, Cynicque and many other trick that you can do and have fun with the  I – T – M. Check out the video and If you have any question feel free to ask me anytime, I will be happy to explain to you and make you get the right kite and enjoy with your quality time on the field. You can choose any colors you like. I will give you the best kite for your money is worth. Thanks you very much. Have a nice day and fly safe.

SUL $ 475 Wind : 2 to 12 MPH Using 50 LB 100′ to 110′

UL $ 450 Wind : 5 to 20 MPH Using 90 LB 120 ‘

STD $ 450 Wind : 6 to 25 + MPH Using 90 LB 120′

Vented $ 525 & Super vented $ 575 Wind : 6 to 30 Mph Line 90 LB 120′ to 125′

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