GPS – Gravity Performance Sport Kite is ready to play. Easy to control, Less pull, small input, Trick, Ballet and Precision all around kite. Feel good in flight and smile all the way. Let’s the video speak for the kite. If you have any question please feel free to ask me anytime. Always love to help you and making sure you are happy with the kite. Thank you for your support. I do appreciate.

Have a wonderful day!

The GPS Pricing is :

SUL : $ 475

Wind Range from 2 MPH to 10 MPH Use 50LB Line at 100′ to 120′

Light : $ 450

Wind Range from 5 MPH to 18 MPH Use 90 LB Line at 100′ to 120′

STD : $ 450

Wind Range from 6 MPH to 25 MPH Use 90 LB at 120′

Vented : $ 525

Wind Range from 8 MPH to 30 MPH Use 90 LB or 150 LB Line at 120′

GPS Two Line Sport Kite from Sky Sport Design


GPS Wing Tensioning

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