ABS is a four line sport kite control, You can fly forward and reverse at any direction, spinning in one spot, high or low to the ground, stop the kite any where you like. The ABS has full sail pressure in flight and allow you feel the feed between you and the kite when you fly. ABS give you the best smoothness in flight forward and reverse with out worry about the kite might flip out and put you out of control. Just fly and smile. Thank you for your interested in the ABS and your support. I do appreciate your business and being good friend. If you need any help or have any question? Please feel free to ask me anytime. I will either give you a call in person or send you an email with answer asap. Thanks again. Have a nice day. Take care.

UL: $320 USD. Wind Range fly from 2 to 12+ Mph Using 50LB at 100′ to 120′

STD $320 USD Wind Range fly From 6 to 18 + Mph Using 90LB 120′

Mid Vent $350 USD Wind Range fly from 8 Mph to 20 + Mph Using 90LB 120′

Full Vent $380 USD. Wind Range fly from 12 Mph to 25 + Mph Using 90LB 120′

Super Vent : $ 445 USD Wing Range fly from 15 Mph to 35 + Mph Using 90 LB or 150 LB 120′

Please make sure to check your settings properly before you fly the ABS. Everyone’s settings is different to suitable individual style of control. Thank you.

For ABS in custom colors, please add US$45.00

Shipping cost any where from Canada and USA is $ 35 and Europe and Asia are from $75 to $100 depending on weight of package.

Amazing Butterfly System Part 1 & 2

ABS Fourline Control Set Up Before Flight

ABS Assembly and Dis-assembly


ABS – Showtime

ABS – In The East


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